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 Tara-Board-Minutes-Annual-  2018




All Board meetings are open to owners and residents for observation only. If you wish to speak at the meeting, you must request to be added to the agenda.

If you plan to attend a Board meeting, please notify the HOA Manager. Meeting dates and times are subject to change without notice.

UPCOMING BOARD MEETINGS:   August 6, 2019,   September 17, 2019, November 19, 2019  (Meetings to be held at Tara Clubhouse)



# Units 152   Member Dues:   $189.00

HOA Responsibilities: roofs, vinyl siding repairs/pressure washing, grass cutting, entrance sign, pool, sidewalks, parking lot, street lights, exterior termite and pest inspection/ treatment, maintenance of community mailbox, master insurance policy.

Limited Common Elements: (maintenance is handled through HOA, but owner is responsible for payment): balconies, patios, windows (and casing), all exterior doors (including casing and hardware), pipes/wires in walls between units, hose bids, vent covers.

Owners Responsibilities: screens, interior of unit (paint to paint), contents of unit, dryer vent clean out, HVAC systems, scheduling of interior termite and pest inspections/treatments, termite damage repair (exterior and interior), individual mailbox key, cars towed out of designated space, HO6 insurance policy.


Master Liability Insurance:    Travelers  1-888-661-3938

Pest Control:  OTHOS PEST CONTROL  Phone:   (252) 227-4005 

Lawn Maintenance:  US Lawns Phone(252) 439-5296

Community Manager:   Linda Price

lpricehoa@gmail.com     (252) 565-4820 ext. 7

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Tara Rules and Regulations

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